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wooden keel

Wooden keel is the most commonly used skeleton material in home decoration, and is widely used in the manufacture of ceiling, partition, and solid wood floor skeleton. The wooden keel is commonly known as the wooden side, which is mainly made of pine, lin
Wooden keel is a kind of material commonly used in decoration, there are many models, used to prop up the decorative board outside, acting as a bracket. The wood keel of the ceiling is generally more of camphor pine and white pine keel. The general specifications are 3.66, 3, 2.4 meters long, with 1.8 * 3cm, 3 * 3.8cm, 3.8 * 4cm and other specifications
Wooden keel is still the most commonly used skeleton material in home decoration, divided according to the location of use.
Wooden keel is divided into: ceiling keel, vertical wall keel, floor keel and hanging keel. The advantage of wooden keel is that it is cheap and easy to construct. But the wooden keel itself also has many problems, such as flammability, mildew and decay.
When used as ceiling and partition keel, it is necessary to paint fireproof coating on the surface. As a solid wood floor keel, it is better to carry out corresponding anti-mold treatment, because the wooden keel is easier to rot than the solid wood floor, and the mold produced after the decay will make the room smell and affect the life of the solid wood floor.
Choose points
1. The fresh wood keel is slightly reddish and the texture is clear. If the color is dark yellow, the dullness indicates that it is decayed wood.
2. See if the specifications of the chose wood cross-section meet the requirements, whether the head and tail are smooth and even, and cannot be of different sizes. At the same time, the wooden keel must be straight, and the uneven wooden keel is easy to cause structural deformation.
3. Choose wood keels with fewer and smaller wood scars. If the wood scars are large and numerous, the screws and nails will not be screwed in or will break the wood at the wood scars, which will easily lead to a weak structure.
4. To choose a dense and deep wooden keel, you can pick it with your fingernails, a good wooden keel will not have obvious traces