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White pine

Wood, commonly known as square wood, is cut into square bars of a certain shape according to actual processing needs. It is generally used for decoration and door and window materials, template support and roof truss materials in structural construction,
The distinction between white pine heart and sapwood is obvious. The sapwood is white or light yellow, and the heartwood is creamy, light brown, or russet. If it is left for a long time, the color will become darker. White pine wood is straight, the texture is uniform, and the structure is loose. The material is light and soft, the toughness is low, its strength and vibration resistance are low, and the corrosion resistance is low. The wood has good durability and is not easy to warp and deform. Adhesive properties, nails and tenoning performance are very good, do not need to fill the pores with filler in advance; the performance of general processing such as turning and planing using hand or mechanical tools is very good; surface treatment such as coloring is good, but color Spots with uneven absorption may appear. The timber rotation period is more than 80 years.
White pine wood can be used as industrial materials such as matchsticks, boxes, lines, and house structures. At the same time, Baisong's materials and colors are the most advanced packaging materials. [3]
Physical properties
1. The material is light, soft and medium in toughness;
2. Low strength and anti-seismic performance, medium to low corrosion resistance;
3. Good durability, not easy to warp and deform.
Processing performance
1. The performance is very good when using manual or mechanical tools for general machining such as turning and planing;
2. Excellent steam bending performance;
3. Good adhesion performance; good performance of nailing and tenoning, no need to fill the pores with filler in advance;
4. Good surface treatment such as coloring, but uneven spots may appear during coloring.
It is mainly processed from pine, linden, fir and other trees into rectangular or square sections.
A material commonly used in decoration, there are a variety of models, used to prop up the decorative plate outside, as a bracket. Ceilings usually have more pine wood. The general specifications are 4 meters long, with 2 * 3cm, 3 * 4cm, 4 * 4cm, etc.
The formwork bracket in civil construction is also a kind of material commonly used in wood. Common on the market are 50 × 100, 40 × 90, 35 × 85, 40 × 80, etc.