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Red Oak

The wood is hard and heavy, with good machinability and slow drying. Red oak can be regenerated naturally, the volume of natural reforestation stands at 280m3/hm2, the cost of afforestation is low, and the wood yield is high. The tree species is also fire
The texture and color of the red oak wood are rich and colorful, which can meet the needs of a large range and multiple uses, and its material is dense. It can be widely used in the manufacture of valuable wood furniture, construction, sleepers, wood floors and other timber forests. In addition, in North America and Europe, red oaks are widely used for their important aesthetic value (such as large crowns, well-dried canopy, densely branched leaves, beautiful leaf shapes, colorful colors, and autumn and winter leaves still remaining on branches). Planted in grasslands, parks, golf courses and other places used as shade trees and street trees, is the first choice of urban forests and park green spaces, is also particularly suitable for large-scale cultivation.