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railway timbers

Wood has good elasticity and insulation, and is less affected by the temperature change of the surrounding medium.
Lightweight, easy to process and replace on the line, and has sufficient displacement resistance. The anti-corrosion treatment of wooden pi
A wood sleeper is a sleeper made of wood. Also called sleepers, anti-corrosion wood sleepers, also called oil-injected sleepers. The wooden pillow must be made of tough and elastic wood. Wooden pillows can be divided into ordinary wooden pillows, fork pillows and bridge pillows according to their uses.
The standard length of ordinary wooden sleepers is 2.5 m, and its cross-sectional shape is divided into two types, I and II, which are used on different grades of lines. Turnouts used for turnouts are wider than wooden sleepers, with lengths ranging from 2600mm to 4800mm, and are divided into 12 types, each with a length difference of 200mm. When used, they are grouped according to the actual width of the turnout. The cross-sectional dimensions of bridge ties used on bridges vary according to the size of the center spacing of the main beam (or longitudinal beam). The wooden pillow has the advantages of good elasticity, easy processing and convenient use. Since the railway, wooden sleepers have been the main type of sleepers.