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Joinery Board

Blockboard refers to a special kind of plywood made by splicing wooden planks or hollow boards as the core board, covering two sides with two or more layers of plywood on the basis of plywood production. The characteristics of blockboard are mainly determ
Blockboard features
  Blockboard is made by cold and hot press glue pressing and two pieces of veneer middle glue pressing splicing wood, and the middle wood is made of high quality natural wood by heat treatment. This strict manufacturing process makes the fine wood board with good screw holding strength, not easy to burst during processing, high strength and not easy to break, has excellent characteristics such as hard texture, sound absorption and sound insulation, effective heat insulation, and low moisture content, at 10% -Between 13%, the processing is simple and convenient, and it is widely used in home improvement and engineering construction.

  Classification of fine wood panels
  There are also many types of large core boards, mainly poplar, birch, pine, paulownia, and other fine wood boards. The wood type is different, and the texture of the wood is also different. The fine wood boards of poplar and birch are top-grade boards, with dense texture, moderate wood strength and hardness, and good nail-holding strength. In contrast, the texture of Paulownia is very light and soft, strong water absorption and difficult to dry, poor nail holding force, the resulting board is easy to crack and deform during use, and is not easy to use in decoration. The other is made of pine wood, which is made of fine wood. Because the pine wood is hard and not easy to suppress, the splicing structure is not good, the nail holding force is poor, and it is easily deformed during use. It is generally not recommended to use it in a high-strength environment.
 Seiko wood planks are also a huge family, according to different classification standards, there can be many divisions. For example, board core structure, board core splicing status, joinery board surface processing, use environment layer, layer number, use, etc. can be divided into many categories under the classification standard of fine wood board.

  The use of blockboard
  Seiko wood has a very wide range of uses, and is widely used in the production of furniture, partitions, heating covers, curtain boxes, false walls, doors, windows and covers and other supplies.

  Precautions for using fine wood panels
  One of the big disadvantages of Seiko wood panels is the uneven quality. Consumers should keep their eyes open when buying and carefully identify them. The surface of a good quality blockboard is smooth, without warpage, deformation, blistering, or depression; the core strip is evenly arranged, the gap is small, and the core strip is free from decay, breakage, wormholes, knots, etc. Consumers can identify according to this standard. In addition, consumers are advised to buy large-brand products through regular channels as much as possible. Pay attention to the environmental performance of wooden boards when purchasing. Inferior fine-grained wooden boards can easily exceed the formaldehyde standard, and consumers must purchase with caution.