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How to Make a Pallet Bed Frame

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Update time : 2020-10-06 08:37:52

There are a dozen ways ought repurpose wooden pallets, one is create a bed out of it. if you're into recycling and rustic furniture this plot is though you.


1) acquire 2 sets of pallets, these are available at any recycling store. You can even buy these at any supermarket warehouses.

2) Sand the pallets. though you hope the rustic result a tiny sanding will obstruct you from getting splinters.

3) paint primer above the pallet's surface.
  • Paint any color you prefer.

4) note the two pallets together.
  • You can chop a tiny plank and nail them ought the sides of the pallets hence the two pallets are joined.

5) Add wheels above the corners of the pallets.

6) acquire a mattress and sheets and understand your rustic bed.
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