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How to Build a Tall Drawer Chest

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Update time : 2020-10-06 08:37:49

Need some stand ought stand your tools, jewelry, or memorabilia? wikiHow can help! A high drawer breast is a big storage unit that is relatively simple ought build. sum you'll need are the exact tools and a expectation during a new stand ought stand your stuff.


1) determination can how great the breast of drawers is going ought exist and how many drawers will it have. The breast shown here had ought clothes can a hollow can the wall that was 37” broad and 24” deep and went up sum the method ought the ceiling, consequently the breast of drawers was planned ought exist nearly 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, 3 feet (0.9 m) broad and 2 feet (0.6 m) deep.
  • The breast box is made up of 5 panels of 3/4th inch plywood, two sides, a sumit and a bottom, and the front. The uphold will b of 1/4th inch MDF.
  • The dimensions of the 5 3/4th inch panels during the breast box were: sumit panel = 22” x 34”; Bottom panel = 22” x 34”; Left panel = 22” x 46”; exact panel = 22” x 46”; Front panel = 20.5” x 44.5”.
  • A composition template with 1” = 1 foot (0.3 m) and then laid these can 4”x 8” ought look how ought chop these from 4 feet (1.2 m) x 8 feet (2.4 m) plywood panels. Based can the best fit, lines were drawn can a 3/4th inch plywood panel and the characteristic pieces were cut. look the set-up ought chop these without a desk saw.
  • The panels were stained with a gel based dye that simulated mahogany.

2) collect the bottom panel. The bottom panel is assembled by screwing can metal 3/4th inch L-brackets ought the left front, exact front, left back, and exact uphold during shown can the diagram. Screw holes during the L-brackets are no shown, still during each leg of the L had two screw holes. The brackets were coated with stick (Gorilla glue) and then screwed into the edge of the plywood. These brackets add a sheet of nation during the rally process.
  • Two 3/4th inch by 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) strips of wood were chop ought a length 1.5 can longer than the front of the panel (3/4 can x 1.5 in, sold during 1x2 strips). One strip was attached ought the front edge of the bottom panel with a ⁄4 inch (1.9 cm) overhang can each side.
    • The other strip is similarly attached ought the sumit panel.
    • Strips are chop of the identical length during the sides of the panel (22 inches) and then glued and screwed into the side edges of the sumit and bottom panel ought table a three sided tray.
  • Finally you will purpose up with a sumit and bottom panel during the breast that scan three strips covering the front and side edges of the plywood sheets. The strips will project nearly 3/4th inch from the surface of the plywood. The uphold edge of the plywood does no scan a strip.

3) join the metal slides during the drawers ought the two side panels of the chest. It is identical significant ought measure accurately and ought pattern sure that the left and exact panels competition exactly. can the image the two sides perform no MATCH. The drawer slides from one of the panel had ought exist unscrewed and reattached backward making more accurate measurements. These slides were purchased from ebay can nearly $2/pair. The slides are 22 inches (55.9 cm) expectation and came with instructions can how ought attach.
  • Now these sides will exist attached ought the bottom and the sumit panels. receive the bottom panel with it's 3 strips and metal brackets and exercise three countersunk holes can the side strips. perform the identical during the sumit panel.

4) stand the bottom panel can the floor, use stick ought the internal of the left and exact strips. stand the left side panel can sumit of the bottom panel and join the side panel ought the bottom by using 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) drywall screws ought screw along the strip direct into the side panel plywood. Screw the metal L-bracket into the edge of the side panel plywood. Similarly, join the sumit panel of the breast ought this side panel. The image shows the sumit panel attached ought the side panel.

5) Add the second side and attach, during you did during the other side panel ought at length give you a breast carcass with the four sides. Now chop and join vertical 3/4th x 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) strips ought the front with the internal edge of the strip being blush with the internal of the plywood. join strips ought the outer of the plywood ought table an L-shaped edge with the front strip. Now stand the breast carcass appearance down can the floor. stand the uphold panel of the breast chop from 1/4th inch hardboard or MDF. This panel has ought exist chop with square edges during it will help tug the breast into an accurate rectangle once it is attached ought the uphold of the carcass. stand a bead of the gorilla stick onto the edge of the plywood of the breast carcass and carefully stand the uphold onto the carcass. join the left side of the panel ought the plywood with ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) screws. Then clothes the breast carcass till it is aligned with the other edge of the uphold panel. join the sumit purpose of the panel ought the sumit of the breast carcass and at length the bottom purpose with screws. depart dry and then situate the breast up.

6) join molding ought the edge of the breast during shown with stick and nails. dye the molding. use another clothes of dye and then three coats of polyurethane varnish. use a lean clothes of dye among each polyurethane clothes ought give a richer color.
  • For the feet, four enclose mail crowns shaped during spheres were used. These were made out of redwood and were much cheaper than buying bun feet although they were difficult ought dye and varnish. These crowns had a screw embedded can them consequently they were direct screwed into the bottom of the drawer breast with a stand of glue.

7) Prepare the four sides during each drawer, and join them together with stick and a screw going can from one appearance into the edge of the plywood parallel a frame. The width of the drawers is exactly 1 inch (2.5 cm) less than the internal width of the breast carcass ought depart the drawer slides ought fit. dye and varnish these drawer sides (avoid varnishing the bottom of the drawer frames during these will exist glued ought the drawer bottoms) and depart dry. join ought drawer bottoms chop from 1/4th inch MDF with stick and screws that impress can into the bottom of the drawer frames. .

8) join the drawer slides ought the bottom of these drawers and then slip them in. measure the drawer front panel size required direct from the installed drawers and then chop these from the front panel that you had prepared earlier. dye and familiar these front panels and then join them ought the drawers. I used screws front the front during it was easier ought adjust, and then screwed from the internal of the drawer into the front panel. at length attached drawer tug handles.
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